Look Into These Vastu Signs Before Investing In a New Flat!

Numerous factors are required to be taken into consideration if you have made up your mind to invest in an apartment in Bangalore. We understand that you might have few requirements in mind and a specific budget, but there is one more essential aspect that will impact your lifestyle in the future after you move into the new property. Yes, we are talking about a good Vastu. Many might not believe in Vastu Shastra, but there is no harm in checking these fundamental principles that define your livelihood in a new home.

Vastu Shastra is an architectural science of the ancient Indian that affects the development and design of structures based on our universe's natural laws. Thus, to harness positive energy to enhance your spiritual, professional, and mental wellness, it is essential to understand if the new apartment suits all the Vastu norms or not.

Thus, if you are looking for a new flat, here are some of the Vastu signs that buyers must check out before finalizing for a property.

The north east direction of a home is mainly governed by Lord Kuber, who according to mythology is the God of wealth and prosperity. This, this is an auspicious space of the home and should be neat, clean and clutter-free. This important documents, wealth and jewellery must be placed in the south-west side, facing north or north-east

An apartment with good Vastu has the entrance on the East or North East-side, and it is said to bring good luck and positivity. If it is on the south, it's believed to be a negative sign. In Bangalore, Gomati Iris takes care of your Vastu features and the project entrance is North facing that promises wealth, peace and prosperity. Moreover, the kitchens are situated in the South-east or North-west direction that happens to be excellent according to Vastu. Whereas, the bedrooms located on the south-west side should be preferable and that is exactly what Gomati’s flats offer.

It is also suggested that the location of pumps, or bore wells should technically be in the north-east direction.

In Vastu Shastra, flats or buildings or even houses with natural lighting plays a significant role. Apartments with big windows and balconies are excellent as they instill positivity and promise good health. Gomati has great source of natural lighting and this instills serenity and calmness.

The toilet location in a flat also adversely impacts one's immunity and health of the family living in that apartment. Thus, avoid flats with a bathroom in northeast side.

Additionally, In Gomati Iris, no two main doors face each other, which is a wonderful Vastu sign.

Vastu of a flat inherently plays a significant role in influencing your life after turning it into a home. Bangalore has the most distinct apartment culture. If you are looking for a ready-to-move-in property in the Bommasandra area or Electronic city, Gomati Iris would be the most worthy option. We have flats built according to Vastu, and from warm sunlight to picturesque landscaped jogging tracks, to proper ventilation, to modern amenities, there is nothing that these flats don't offer. Thus, apart from being within your budget, these flats offer a joyful stay too!

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