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6 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Affordable, Luxury Apartments in Electronic City

We all dream about living in a tech-friendly, clean environment which is pollution free. Being the brainchild of Rama Krishna Baliga, 'Electronic city' commonly known as E-city in Bengaluru is inspired by Silicon Valley, California. It is known as the IT hub of Bengaluru: the ambience and infrastructure of the place speak for itself. As for the residential aspect, there are quite a few budget apartments near the electronic city; read ahead to know why you would love living here.

1. It's a Planned City:

Unlike the major parts of our country, Electronic City-Bengaluru is well planned. Every day Electronic city is making its nickname 'India's Silicon Valley' more and more meaningful: the large-scale developments, the increasing number of IT startups, and migration of talented youth are making Electronic City the hub of Indian IT Industry. The current trends clearly predict the fabulous growth of Information Technology in Electronic City.

2. Meet the Global Biggies here:

The Electronic City houses all the biggest tech companies in the world like Wipro, HCL, TCS etc. which makes it a global industrial hub, and to maintain global standards the locality is ought to have such facilities. Hence the luxury made affordable apartments in Electronic city always have great amenities and more importantly a liberal, progressive culture.

3. The city is transforming to be the best:

The Government of Karnataka with the help with CISCO and Electronic City Industries Association have set goals to transform Electronic city into a “living lab” and offer urban services of Global standards. Yes, the outsourcing capital of the world is becoming the place for all those who want to climb those corporate ladders to realize their aspirations.

4. Women's safety is at its peak:

Yes, we hear a lot of bad news in relation to women's safety, but Electronic city is an exception. In Electronic city you will see buses dedicated to women during peak hours; from Electronic City to Central silk board, exclusively for working women. Also, in the upcoming apartments in Electronic city, there will be special monitoring systems and safety standards to ensure nothing can go badly against women.

5. Travel made easy:

Living on the outskirts of a city may seem a little difficult, but the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises Road, commonly known as “NICE Road, connects Electronic City to the other major parts like Bannerghatta Road, Mysore Road, Kanakapura Road, and Tumkur Road” etc. It is travel made easy as the toll road is 63 km long with 6 lanes. Also, the plans to introduce dedicated buses to ease the commute of the techies in the city is going to help.

6. Admire the Amazing Aesthetics:

Skyscrapers add to the modern aesthetic of a city, and this is one of the major factors that add to the lifestyle in this part of Bengaluru. With Electronic city being newly built, the accommodation is made spacious for residents as there is no question of “cramped living.” If planning to buy spacious apartments in Electronic city, there is no better time than this.

Having seen the various reasons to fall in love with living in Electronic city, Gomati Infratech offers you beautiful, affordable apartments in the IT Hub of India. Away from the main city, buy an apartment in this quiet place with good schools and health care facilities and enjoy the taste of city life but without the rush of a proper city. Electronic city is truly the best location for Techies to move into and take their career to the next level while enjoying life with a cosmopolitan crowd.

If you are planning to buy a luxurious apartment that's well within your budget, get in touch with Gomati Infratech for the best real estate properties.

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